segunda-feira, maio 31, 2004

Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor

Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor. For reference.

sexta-feira, maio 28, 2004

Mambo Open Source

Mambo Open Source, another CMS to test. Really, really nice graphics. Promising..

XHTML Quicktime Object

XHTML Quicktime Object, standards compliant method to add Quicktime movies to pages. [via]


Globulos, a flash based game. High addiction factor :). [via]

quinta-feira, maio 27, 2004

Bookmarks for standards testing

Bookmarks for standards testing, by Joe Clark.

Over the course of a year-long project, and because Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group members never seem to actually surf the Web, I bookmarked sites that seemed to be examples of certain topics in standards-compliant Web development and accessibility.

quarta-feira, maio 26, 2004

Futebol Clube do Porto

Porto perform to perfection. Beautiful!

terça-feira, maio 25, 2004

Samorost Online Flash Game

Samorost Online Flash Game: funny.

segunda-feira, maio 24, 2004


Investigate this LaTeX package: Luximono.

Latex's Listings Package

The Listings Package, for nice printing of source code in LaTeX.

domingo, maio 23, 2004

To read

Interview with Jared Spool

Jared Spool: The InfoDesign interview:

We discovered that there are basically 14 types of questions, no matter what the subject matter.

CSS, accessibility and Standards Links

CSS, accessibility and Standards Links, "Links that will save you from an aneurysm".

Nice collection of links, thoughtfully categorized.

quinta-feira, maio 20, 2004

Some notes on the "Who wrote Linux" Kerfuffle

Some notes on the "Who wrote Linux" Kerfuffle

"AST: 'What's the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution?'
KB: We do public policy work
AST: A think tank, like the Rand Corporation?
KB: Sort of
AST: What does it do?
KB: Issue reports and books
AST: Who funds it? KB: We have multiple funding sources
AST: Is SCO one of them? Is this about the SCO lawsuit?
KB: We have multiple funding sources
AST: Is Microsoft one of them?
KB: We have multiple funding sources"

terça-feira, maio 18, 2004

Broken Windows

Broken Windows, The Atlantic Monthly (1982):

The unchecked panhandler is, in effect, the first broken window. Muggers and robbers, whether opportunistic or professional, believe they reduce their chances of being caught or even identified if they operate on streets where potential victims are already intimidated by prevailing conditions. If the neighborhood cannot keep a bothersome panhandler from annoying passersby, the thief may reason, it is even less likely to call the police to identify a potential mugger or to interfere if the mugging actually takes place.

segunda-feira, maio 17, 2004

Spotting weblogging systems through design

Spotting weblogging systems through design:

"Many people are anticipating a mass exodus from Movable Type. One way to gauge if there is indeed a mass migration afoot in the upcoming weeks/months is to see how much each system is influencing the look and feel of weblog sites."

Tables for layout

An Objective Look at Table Based vs. CSS Based Design -> Gasp! Tables! -> Tables for layout? -> Tables My Ass -> Tables? Oh, the horror!.

Reference: Color Schemes & Palettes

Strategies and tools for selecting color schemes.

quinta-feira, maio 13, 2004

Mena's Corner: It's About Time

Mena's Corner: It's About Time: "Commitment to a Free Version, while getting our pricing right"

Google Groups

Google Groups

Mailing list management from Google. User accounts at the * domain are getting pretty confusing.

quarta-feira, maio 12, 2004

Eris' Template Generator

Eris' Template Generator

also available for MT.

ban comic sans :: Putting the Sans in Comic Sans

ban comic sans :: Putting the Sans in Comic Sans

NYC 2004 WWW Conference - Workshops

NYC 2004 WWW Conference - full texts available.

About Google Print (BETA)

About Google Print (BETA)

It turns out that not all the world's information is already on the Internet, so Google has been experimenting with a number of publishers to test their content online.

Sistema de blogs da Assembleia da República

Sistema de blogs da Assembleia da República

Google Watcher [dive into mark]

Google Watcher [dive into mark]

Google: An explanation of our search results

Google: An explanation of our search results

segunda-feira, maio 10, 2004


Directamente do Firefox, com Blogger Help : What is BlogThis! ?

Hmmm... gestão de bookmarks?

Olá mundo!

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